Who we are

The Tunisian Fish Farming Company ” S.T.E.P is established in Bekalta in 2013, specialized in the breeding of marine fish: Sea bream and sea bass.

The Tunisian Fish Farming Company was established in Bekalta in 2013, specializing in breeding marine fish: Sea bream and sea bass.
Our Aquaculture Farm is located 5.5 km south / east of the fishing port of Bekalta and covers an area of 50 ha. It corresponds to a rectangle of 1000 m in length and 500 m in width.

Our aquaculture farm

Our aquaculture farm is composed of a structure of 45 floating cages, moored by four reticules and using nets or rearing enclosures of 10 deep.

This structure is robust, reliable, and suitable for open sea activity. It can withstand the power of waves and currents and the force of the strongest winds.

The current production capacity is 3000 tons/year. The STEP deploys high-performance equipment at sea and on land to reach this production.

Our equipment at sea

  • 45 cages flottantes de 25m
  • Filets d’élevage Dyneema
  • 2 catamaran: * 1 catamaran is 17 m * 1 catamaran is 14 m
  • 3 Polyester boats (fiberglass) equipped with automatic feeding machines
  • Bateau rapide de travail en HDPE 7m

Nos cages

Our 25 m diameter cages offer a large rearing volume to control the fish density.
The thickness of our cages is 28.6 mm, which makes the structure very robust, with 40 stanchions/cage offering a life span of 10 years.

Our Dyneema nets are characterized by excellent resistance to abrasion (3 times more than nylon), which offers a longer life to our nets and minimizes any risk of an accident.

The 2 Catamarans